Our Team

Randi Mura, M.A., BCBA, Clinical Director

Randi’s beginnings in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) started in 2009 when she volunteered for a Social Skills Group that worked with individuals with autism.

That experience inspired Randi to pursue behavior analysis formally, by working as a behavioral therapist in multiple setting such as in clinics, in homes, and in school settings. While pursuing her master’s degree, she spent two years working as a Conroe Independent School District parent trainer and Pre-k teacher for children with disabilities.

Randi graduated in 2015 from Sam Houston State University with her Master of Arts in Special Education with a concentration in autism. She then went on to receive her certification and become a Mississippi state licensed BCBA.

Jessica Alexander M.A., BCBA

Before joining Colorful Minds, Jessica spent ten years as a preschool special education teacher. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (go Tar Heels!), a master’s degree in Special Education from University of Illinois at Chicago, and graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Jessica served in the Peace Corps, teaching special education in the country of Jordan, and training teachers at a boarding school for deaf individuals in the country of Georgia. She is passionate about working with children and using ABA to help them learn life skills and instructing parents, helping them to see the strengths that Autism brings. “It can be easy to focus on deficits, but Autism brings a whole set of wonderful skills and abilities and it is a joy to help parents discover and appreciate those.”

When she isn’t working, you can find Jessica spending time building LEGOs and reading with her six year old son and husband.

Therese Allen, M.S., LPC, BCBA

Therese’s background includes early childhood education, counseling, and ABA. She graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in Child Development, Loyola University in New Orleans with a master’s degree in Counseling, and received a post graduate certification in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

She has experience working with Early Intervention and Special Education Preschool through Middle School. Therese has a passion for assisting children and their families break through barriers presented by autism. She is a lifelong educator and is thrilled to join the premier ABA clinic on the Gulf Coast. In her free time she enjoys cooking with her family and beach front walks with her husband and dog.

Chelsea Miller, BCaBA, Assistant Clinical Director

Chelsea Miller is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). She discovered the field of applied behavior analysis in the summer of 2017, when she spoke with the founders of Colorful Minds at community outreach event. Shortly after, Chelsea became a registered behavior technician and knew that she wanted to pursue the field further. She recently graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree of science and a BCaBA certification. Chelsea has worked in the clinic, school, home, and community settings. She looks forward to continuing her education to obtain her master’s degree and board certified behavior analyst certification.

Abigail Clark, RBT Mentor, Clinical Educator

Abbey joined Colorful Minds in May of 2020, with a dream of making a difference for children. Her passion for Applied Behavior Analysis grew stronger and inspired her to continue her education. She is currently scheduled to graduate with her master’s degree in Psychology with a specialty in ABA in July of 2022. With this degree, Abbey plans to take her test and become a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst in the early months of 2023.

Abbey is currently a member of the B.A.I.T team, where she is receiving supervised hours along with training to improve on her therapy skills. If she isn’t at work, you will find her lifting weights at the gym, spending time with her two pit bulls or shopping for Funko Pops with her husband.

Karmin Clark, BCaBA, Ethics and Quality Assurance Officer

Karmin graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She joined Colorful Minds in May of 2019 and fell in love with the field. She discovered joy in helping the children she works with develop their communication skills and achieve a greater level of independence in their lives.

As the ethics and quality assurance specialist for Colorful Minds, Karmin ensures that the services and care rendered by our therapists observes the company’s quality standards and meets the ethical criteria set forth by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. She is responsible for the development and implementation of inspection activities, the detection and resolution of problems, and the delivery of satisfactory outcomes.

Brooke Edmonds, BCaBA, Community Outreach Coordinator

Brooke Edmonds had a dream to teach children. This dream started to take shape in the house of a certain mouse, when she completed an internship at Disney in 2017. The joy of watching children learn from playing, inspired her to seek a career path where she can work with children who have special needs. She graduated, Cum Laude, from The University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a business management minor. When she is not at work, Brooke enjoys completing puzzles, reading books, and tackling DIY projects.

Her goal as the outreach coordinator is to educate those in our community about the positive impact that ABA can provide to families and individuals who are on the autism spectrum. Her passion has lead her to oversee regular social skills events with a focus on pre-teen and teenage groups to help promote independence and develop life skills.

Our Partners

Donna Burrowes, Psy.D., ABPP

Dr. Donna Burrowes is a Licensed Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist, trained in assessment of Autism Spectrum and other developmental disorders. Dr. Burrowes has advanced practice competency in assessing challenges in child and adolescent development including: attention deficits, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, regulatory problems, and intelligence testing for local gifted programs; as well as common mental health comorbidities.

She completed her post-doctoral fellowship at the Developmental Medicine Center at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical Services, and is certified with the American 2013 Board of Professional Psychology. Dr. Burrowes is a Florida native and returned to the Gulf Coast after serving eight years in the United States Air Force.

The B.A.I.T. Team

Our behavior analysts in training, or B.A.I.T. Team, are individuals seeking their board certified behavior analyst(BCBA) or board certified assistant behavior analyst(BCaBA) certification. These team members are all currently enrolled in various accredited applied behavior analysis programs and receive their supervision and additional training through our Clinical Director.

Crystal Schackai

LaDonna Russum

Abigail Clark

Rayshonn Brown

Rebecca Cuevas

Michael Czaska

Taylor Evans

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